Astonishing Pillow of Unexpected Friendship

This gorgeous pillow was gifted to me at the beginning of this year. It has become “the” thing I hold, punch, squeeze, breathe, rest my head on, look at with gratitude and humbleness, and quietly (sometimes not so quietly) share my emotions. 

It was made by someone who has become a good friend over the last year, despite a generation and an ocean in between.  We often laugh – from chuckles to belly laughs; we do not engage frequently, but when we do, we talk amiably about what is on our minds at that moment: from broad thoughts to faith, struggles to hopes, flowers to woods, recipes to antacids; we exchange photographs, videos, and unique tokens of affection.

We share the same view of the world and society, regardless of our generational gap and different backgrounds. We met over our common crochet interests, sharing our opinions on this and that pattern, this color and that color, and how crocheting can be stress-relieving and meditative (and yes, it can be frustrating and nowhere monotonous, but I digress). Pat made this pillow while I was going through a challenging and daunting moment. It helped her be present while absent; it certainly helped me feel the love and care she crocheted it with. It still does and always will.

The ongoing pandemic of the last few years has brought many challenges to us; one of many is how we used to interact with others. Driven by the limitations and challenges the pandemic set in our ways worldwide, we – as people – had to adapt to a change in how we interact with our loved ones and friends. Living in “bubbles of safety” meant thinking carefully about meeting up anywhere, even if just for a coffee. Yet virtual interactions have become more and more important and accessible. 

Though tentative, amidst thoughts of online safety, such interactions – and the opportunity for new friendships – have progressively become a new way to meet. Indeed, such contact follows the same rules of common sense, awareness, and sound judgment as vis-à-vis encounters prompt. Without such accidental meetings, I would not have considered starting this blog. I am thankful for the opportunity to have forged new friendships, reconnected with old friends, and the unexpected and invaluable – new paths of social engagement in today’s reality.

Although we have not yet met in person, I want to thank you, Pat, for your quiet (and not-so-quiet), strong, authentic, loving friendship, one I shall endeavor to deserve.

For those who may want information about the crochet bit: The pillow follows the “Dove Square” pattern by designer Tatsiana Kupryianchyk of Lillabjörncrochet. Pat used a Blue Sky Fibers Metalico, a fantastic, ethically sourced single-ply blend of baby alpaca and silk, acquired from Tribe Yarns (London UK), and beautiful metallic copper verdigris buttons by Textile Garden (Steyning, UK) for the back closure. 

The result is an incredibly soft and warm pillow. Surprise! Pat added an extra: the cushion emanates a revitalizing yet soothing lavender scent; it is luxurious and relieving. A tried-and-true token of friendship.

2 thoughts on “Astonishing Pillow of Unexpected Friendship

  1. I fear my crochet skills were not right to do justice for this gorgeous pattern. I wanted to attempt it because the symbols of dove for me represented peace which I wanted so much to give you. I felt like a child excited in giving a bunch of weeds to a mother and your reaction was as generous as a mother would have been to that child- pure delight and gratitude. I hope it will always remind you that you’re loved 💚

    1. Pat, your words are as gracious as ever. You made me blush reading this! Your love has been felt ever more, before and since. Thank you again for such a heartfelt token of friendship (let’s not talk about crochet skills, shall we? We are rowing in the same boat) – much love to you.

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