Grateful for Your Patience. Thank You.

After a prolonged and unexpected absence, I am back with this concise post, and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, loyalty, and friendship. Almost two months have passed since I last posted. The delay was prompted by a traumatic car accident at the end of 2022 that left me unable to use my right hand for a while. Healing and rehabilitation from other injuries have taken their time as well. I will not hide that it is still tricky; it will take a bit longer before I recover physically and emotionally. My mind and heart are ready to return to it.


You may have noticed design changes to the blog. Last year, I commissioned new comprehensive branding from the amazing people at Artlogo; their work is fantastic, and they are fast! Most importantly, they work with their clients to ensure satisfaction. I am delighted with the result, and I highly recommend them. No, I am not being paid to say this. It is genuinely how I feel. I look forward to improving the visiting and reading experience as much as possible.


While I intend to post weekly (generally on Fridays), I’m sorry if things slip by a few days here and there. Some posts were scheduled to be published throughout the last eight weeks but had to be put on hold. I will catch up! There are many exciting projects I would love to start and complete this year. I am looking forward to crocheting again, for example. Getting back to making music is a more significant challenge that may have to be on the back burner for the foreseeable future. It may change for the better. Fingers crossed!

As usual, please reach out with requests, ideas, and comments. Happy reading.

5 thoughts on “Grateful for Your Patience. Thank You.

  1. Cheers! Here is to more reading, more learning, more of everything. We missed you, welcome back! I’ve got to get ya in the air with me. Let’s do it.
    Love ya, Francis

  2. Happy to have you back! Ron and I wondered where you had gone. Thank you for explaining & we are curious about the new stuff coming. Good luck!

  3. I am so glad the blog is back online. I missed it. Sorry for what’s happened to you, but hey, you are here, and that’s all that counts. I can’t wait to see you use that hand and crochet again. It’s more difficult to get back to playing guitar and keys. Whelp, at least I hope you’ll get the podcast done: I’m really crossing my fingers on that one. I love love love your voice; it’s always a pleasure conversing with you. Best of luck. x Kath

  4. Excited 🤩 I am excited, seeing your blog online again is a source of energy for me. It is food for the mind and fuel for the soul. Your way of making connections has the unique power to always create something new and purely “human”, in the best sense that we can give to the concept of “human”. Furthermore, reading that many new things are coming makes me intrigued and happy 🥳 Really can’t wait for your podcast, because I love to hear your voice, your thoughts and your way to express them 🥰
    I’m excited to know you are starting to crochet again. Having had the honor of seeing and touching your masterpieces, this is great news 🤩🥳 In my mind, I feel that the time for you to make music again will be coming soon too, and I’ll be there to enjoy 🤟🏻
    So, thank you 💙 Ele

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