First Anniversary – Thank You, Wholeheartedly

Just Sabi Thank You Heart

Thank you. Two words. In this case, they mean everything to me. Today we celebrate the First Anniversary of this blog, an anniversary that I did not believe was possible a year ago for many reasons. As you all know, it came to life after the encouragement and, yes, the insistence by many of you to set it up and publish my everyday thoughts and share them with a larger audience. Little did I know that it would become an astonishing success that counts many monthly readers. I am still stunned at the number of you taking time out of your day to follow along.

Starting the blog was not easy; today, it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Yet, I am genuinely happy to reach so many of you. I am “just me” – and in that spirit, I was, and still am, uncertain and second-guess myself when it comes to being able to convey with words so many different perspectives, cultures, and points of view on so many topics, without fear that they may be misunderstood or fail to deliver the original intent of sharing what we all carry in our hearts and minds in a simple but meaningful way.

Creating connections is what this blog focuses on. And contacts were facilitated and made – direct and indirect. From a random message over social media just over a year ago that resulted in a flurry of interest to inspiring others to share their ideas, thoughts, and stories and connecting those individuals with others. Whenever I shared interviews, stories, or thoughts on so many different topics, the result was essentially the same: empowering, in turn, others to do the same and perhaps giving them the ability to find words they thought they did not have.

I am nearly speechless for someone who does not seem short on words. Again, and never enough, I want to thank all of you. I am not naming you individually because it is a village. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Indeed, it would not prompt the desire to continue to share and add to the community of readers and artists, collaborators and editors, crafters, and musicians.

I look forward to another year of readership, friendship, and connections.

All my love and gratitude, Sabi.