April Update – Finally Back on Track by May

April had no posts on this blog (only minor technical updates), so here is one. There are many reasons for the prolonged silence, and I will not bore you with details. Still working through the aftermath of the hacker attempts and the numerous safety features which have become necessary, I finally see the finish line. It feels like the last several weeks have gone by so slowly yet quickly. I also found myself with the lowest possible drive and dealing with some unexpected physical and emotional blows that have significantly undermined my attempts at rising above, staying the course, and finding the energy to get back on and stay on track.

From still contending with the – seemingly – never-ending aftereffects of the car accident four months ago (some appearing just recently and without doubt cringe-worthy) to having to replace equipment that decided to quit just because it could (resulting in having to start anew – and most of you know how frustrating that process can be). Despite the challenges, I have been working quietly behind the scenes on collecting material. New content will be published this upcoming Monday, coinciding with the beginning of May. There will be plenty to catch up on – from music to crafts, thoughts to stories. 

Despite the muted tone in this post, I have appreciated the ever-changing April weather (good and bad) in this part of the country and finished some outdoor projects that have turned “quite nice” into cheerful delight. Slow but determined, the final effect is of utter comfort to this tired soul, and I look forward to sharing the resulting space with you all – and, of course, enjoying every single day I will spend outdoors, continuing to write, create, and play music with a refilling spirit. I am confident that all technical issues have been resolved and that the blog will again reflect its purpose to connect and offer different perspectives – in style and unapologetically authentic.

Have a great weekend! 

P.S. In the meantime, listen to “If I Were a Fish” by Corinne Savage, aka Corook, and Olivia Barton. The song, defined as a viral mental health anthem, took 10 minutes to write and garnered 15 million views on TikTok in just a few days. This cheerful tune is popping up everywhere – with good reason. It is genuinely an earworm. A few days ago, it was fun to “sing along” while driving through downtown Dallas. Be well. See you on Monday 😉