How Storms Cleared a Truly Unapologetic New Path

Testing. One. Two. Three. Clickety-clack.

Breathe deeply and evenly. First, thank you for your patience and support these last few months – this time has not been easy, but the challenges presented were and are being faced with determination and thorough authenticity. There will be a continuous stream of articles in the next few days. We have decided to spread the content over time to prevent overwhelm and present a specific path we are determined to share with you all. I say we without pluralis majestatis. There is a new addition to the regular Just Sabi “crew of one” – her name is Maria, and she has been the guiding force behind this new road to unapologetic authenticity. She will introduce herself in due time; like me, she is a behind-the-scenes motivator. Without her patience, knowledge, and humanity, I would have left the blogging world.

What have I been up to? Surviving. That is a laden but apt word. It has been no mystery that I have struggled with my physical and mental health. I am proud of having faced what these past two years threw at me with as much dignity and composure as I could muster. I am proud of being able to write this with minimal hesitation. I will share with you all I have learned over the next few weeks and then present the result of the monumental effort.  Depression, anxiety, and stress were antithetical to who I am and know myself to be, and I have proven to be to myself and others. It is a work in progress, yet I feel miles from where I started.

This cringe-worthy real bit aside, I am looking forward to finishing rewiring my neural pathways and offering an off-the-beaten-path perspective to those who have not yet succeeded in climbing out of whatever dark hole they fell into, regardless of depth, width, or breadth. Please don’t worry. I will do so by being who I have always been and finding anew the human I have lost during that time. The outspoken, sarcastic, cynical yet helpful, kind, and engaging woman is still there. She retreated in silence because she could not find her voice and would not stand up for herself. She is clearing her throat.

Having learned not to give timelines (do not do that: the road to, etc.) and taking things organically, you can look forward to “mile markers” on this path, which promise to be loads of fun and may seem out of character, yet are anything but. A few familiar names in music, arts, and crafts will make an appearance and catch up on what they have been up to and how paths keep intersecting and produce new ones. I will discuss complex topics to remove shame and stigma with some guests. In short, it is a constantly evolving map of connections separated by a few degrees of separation. There is something for everyone. Walk with me.

One thought on “How Storms Cleared a Truly Unapologetic New Path

  1. I look forward to walking with you Sabi. I know it will be interesting and enlightening. Welcome back kind soul ❤️

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