About Me

I was born in Italy fifty-odd years ago and have lived in Texas for almost three decades. English is neither my first nor second language, but I manage. I am happily married to my wife of 26 years, Denise. We share a modest home in one of the most beautiful niche neighborhoods of the metroplex (yes, I am biased). We have a resident furry feline child named Bandit who lives his senior years amidst much love and comfort.

I love crafting. However, in recent years, most activities have taken a back seat due to difficulties with my hands and wrists, making it challenging to manage detailed work. Music and photography are a large part of my life, as is writing – just like my mother did.

In my late teens to early thirties, I worked in broadcasting as a radio commentator amidst various other jobs. From working in newspaper darkrooms (oh, the smell of those days!) to typing theses for university students and papers for tenured professors, from sales in computer shops to learning coding, from proof-reading and translating articles to writing my poems and short stories, constantly learning and discovering new things and hobbies. As a family, we moved throughout Europe, from one country to another, until love made me cross the Atlantic Ocean.

After living through a couple of demanding years, emotionally and physically, I asked myself how to share all I have learned throughout time without limiting geography, society, or language. With some encouragement, I decided to accept the challenge and take advantage of the very thing I communicate through – social media. I consider myself an open, outspoken, essentially pragmatic, and, more often than not, sarcastic person. I am a Christian but not a doormat. As a woman, I will not be silenced. I have been the victim of sexual violence and refuse to feel shame. Regrettably, I find myself often judged, scorned, and condemned for being a lesbian – I do not consider being one an issue. Granted, it is thorny to develop a meaningful friendship with any heterosexual woman because that absurdly seems to connect sexual orientation to romanticism between same-sex people. Sigh. I have forged, and continue to do so, meaningful friendships with people across the globe, regardless of stance.

I know myself to be a balanced individual, sometimes too candid and unfiltered, often short on patience when attempts are being made to make me feel inferior or insufficient. I am perfectly enough, perfectly imperfect. The strength, resilience, resolve, courage, and drive to stay true to oneself are taxing but not impossible. No matter the challenge or the outcome, all that has meaning is putting forth one’s best, honest, good-conscience effort to move forward – scars, dings, blood, and sweat but worth the perseverance. Help me demonstrate that it is far easier to try and succeed – or fail and learn – than to sit back, keep quiet, and never try. One voice can become many, a chorus in unity: as off-key and pitchy as it may be, it would be hard to miss.