Frequently Asked Questions

We have decided to answer frequent questions by adding a dedicated page. As we sort through your emails, we may add more answers to recurring questions to ease the process. The list is not comprehensive and is subject to change at any time. Please check occasionally for updated information.

If you click on the logo at the top of the page, you will be redirected to the main blog page.

The last tab of the Navigation Menu is where you find the About Me and the FAQ pages, as well as the Contact Us form. Click on the arrow to open the menu.

The Acceptable Use, Cookie, and Privacy Policies, as well as the Terms of Service, can be found at the bottom of any page.

Can you remember a post's entire title or the page's location? Great! If not, searching for a word that prompts the memory may help. You can use the Magnifying Icon to the right of the main navigation. Good luck!

As you read down a page or post, a pointing-up stylized arrow icon appears in the lower right corner of your screen. Clicking/tapping it automatically scrolls the page or post back to the beginning.

You can find the Random Thought and Quote of the Month at the bottom of any page. May either be a source of inspiration or mindfulness for you.

The estimated reading time of a post is visible for all single posts. A reading progress bar (Pantone color 2024) is visible throughout the site.

When enabled, the social media icons can be found at the top right of the page.

You may find a Spotify or Apple Music Mini Player at the bottom when a specific song or playlist is added to a post. If you are logged onto either app on your device, click the top right icon of the mini player, and you will listen to the entire song. If you do not have an account on either platform, you can hear a preview of the song presented.

You may see small flag icons in the upper right side of the Feature Image of a post. This indicates that a translation of the post is available at the end of that post in the language represented by the flag.

When you bookmark this blog using your favorite browser, a favicon will make it easier to spot our blog visually by the logo image in the tab — added based on your requests!