That Happy Feeling, the Graphite Mandala by Lilla Björn

This mandala had been on my to-do list for a while. When I finally picked up the hook at the start of the year, it was to crochet Tatsiana Kupryianchyk’s “Graphite Mandala.” The abstract geometric look is undoubtedly stunning, with beautiful use of overlay technique resulting in a brioche look. I had made other patterns by Tatsiana before, yet this one spoke to me more than ever. I can see myself choosing different color combinations in the future, but I love the simplicity and power of monochrome black and white.

Making this mandala has been joyful and challenging (cleverly so). It is indeed a pattern that requires focus – although the rhythm will become natural the more you crochet along. Being aware of the tension used helps maintain the shape and have defined and orderly stitches. I recommend this pattern if you want to expand your crochet techniques. And yes, I may be biased because I genuinely love Tatsiana’s designs – she has recently published her first book, “a sea story,” which is rich in astonishing mosaic crochet patterns accompanied by gorgeous photographs and charts that make you want to make them all.

I believe crochet to be a craft that relaxes or distracts and even focuses the mind akin to a meditative way. I find myself pulled to crochet by random things – nature, emotion, architecture, music, conversation, to name a few – and then choosing colors, picking up a hook, and looking for a pattern that reflects that moment, that inspiration. Conversely, sometimes I stumble upon a specific design pattern that reflects my state of mind and encapsulates the thoughts in my head. Whichever may be your drive to pick up a hook, crocheting is a craft worth the time and effort. It is a beautiful catalyst to grow confidence and self-encouragement and gift yourself with an opportunity to unclutter your mind and fill it with structured and mindful peacefulness.