Let it snow! Flouret Collection by Saraphir Designs

I have liked Saraphir Legind’s snowflake patterns for quite a while, and when she mentioned that she was about to finish her newest crochet snowflake collection, I courageously asked if I could test it for her. She agreed and, thankful for the opportunity, off I went, gleeful and happy to have a chance at testing again – and finding joy doing so.

Saraphir’s latest crochet endeavor is the Flouret Crochet Snowflake Collection (available on her Ravelry and Etsy shops), which is beautiful. It consists of four patterns: Flouret Wheel Snowflake, Flouret Icicle Snowflake, Flouret Feather Snowflake, and the Flouret Arachne Snowflake. As Saraphir says on her blog, “I choose to work with linen yarn as it gives them a lovely rustic look. I think it gives them a very ‘Scandi Design’ look, and as I am Danish, I suppose that’s very fitting.” It prompts that cozy and contented hygge feeling!

Snowflakes are never perfectly symmetrical, and their dendrites (or arms) can develop in ten quintillion ways due to the water molecules that make them up, subject to the atmosphere they fall through. That geeky bit aside, crochet snowflakes are fun to make, and if your shapes do not quite line up or seem unique, well – you produced the perfect snowflake! The design is simple, centered on a common center motif, then branching out in approximating a snowflake’s six-fold radial symmetry.

Saraphir gives guide measurements for 2-, 3-,  and 4-ply linen – preferring 3-ply linen and a 2 mm hook. Due to my wrist and hand issues and difficulty using small hooks, I decided to use a 3.5 mm hook on a DK yarn (Scheepjes Terrazzo in color Pergamena that I had leftover from another project). The blueish specks in the yarn give the resulting snowflakes an icy look – a bonus!

The symbol of purity and most associated with the Christmas season, the snowflake and this crochet collection are just what is needed to get into the holiday spirit. These snowflakes can be used in many ways and work in other fibers, sizes, and colors. Whether you think of making them as gifts, mounting them on rings, pinning them to cards, sprucing up a scarf, or using them as an applique, the possibilities are endless!