Anya Jasmine: What is the Talented Guitarist up to?

It has been relatively quiet on Anya Jasmine’s social media platforms. I briefly touched base with the 21-year-old Londoner who is busy with university finals yet finds the time to peek in occasionally. While her mind is rightly focused on exams, music is a constant undercurrent in her veins. Her metal version of Bella Poarch’s “Living Hell” (sung and played) is a breath of fresh air and yet another example of her talent. Side note: people stop pointing out that things may be slightly out of sync! Focus on what you hear instead. Tsk.

Speaking of adaptations and covers: Anya’s cover of Slash’s “Anastasia” is fun and delightful. Her dogged determination on Lamb of God’s “Laid to Rest” resulted in a pretty darn good rendition (she holds her own on Megadeth’s “Tornado of Souls” too – not easy). Let us not forget that Anya is 100% self-taught, and her voice is progressively taking on a powerful unique imprint that has a firm foothold on the future. You can hear her sing a few notes of pieces by The Pretty Reckless, Lady Gaga, and Maneskin, to cite a few – and they will stick. She has a natural, effortless capacity for turning anything into metal rock and does exceptionally well.

Her spontaneous invitations to and collaborations with musicians worldwide are always entertaining and genuine, as are her unscripted videos describing daily life as a musician or the hilarious rant-and-vent moments she unapologetically shares on social media. I am looking forward to Anya Jasmine’s forthcoming compositions and productions, such as the provisionally named “Emerge” and “Nothing Special.” Yes, there will be a “What are you up to?” interview after academia finals and after she has had a well-deserved rest. Not that she ever really rests! Good for us, right?