Cosmic Crisis: Out of Reality EP, As Real As It Gets

What a surprise and immense joy to see Cosmic Crisis release its newest EP, “Out of Reality”! I had the chance to savor it a few days before its official drop and instantaneously loved it. Federica Marani and Stefano Marcucci wrote, composed, and produced an outstanding piece of musical art with this EP. Released May 11, the “Out of Reality” EP includes three songs: “Who Do You Think You Are,” “Out of Reality,” and “Don’t Take a Look at My Eyes,” which span just under thirteen minutes of pure gratification and a life of contained emotions. It feels silky yet bristly in all the right places, intriguing and stimulating, prompting pause and reflection, rejecting shallowness. Added strings amplify and underline the uncompromising pull and grit of the lyrics – turning an introspective room into a clamoring arena, a single vocal message into a compelling invitation to join in unison.

A gritty, harsh, and open invitation to self-awareness, selflessness, and the idea that the indifference carried within simply turns visible that opaque atom of evil, an infinitesimal yet tallied part of the structure of society — the erratic distribution of a moral sense of balance results in the question that titles this piece. Mental conditioning and stagnation herd apathy toward destruction, cowardice, and conflict resolution is only achieved through callous and self-serving elimination of others, failing to comprehend that the not-doer becomes the greatest un-doer.

The rhythm is unrelenting – a “maybe” soft harmony becomes insistent and, in the outro, underlines the stridence of unreasonableness – an ingenious and flawless complexity of vocal and musical sound storytelling that delivers a harsh message tired of truisms.

A poignant, defiant, ironic, yet resolute look at an almost finished surrender that never was. If one does not rock the boat, if one does as one is told, within the parameters set by the masses, conforming and unquestioning, then… Then nothing changes though it should. The un-reflected image in the mirror is of one who does not abide by unwinnable ever-changing rules and has not lost themselves despite glimpsing the flash of a severing blade in the dark of night, or thoughts. So close to surrender, but is it worth it? No. Look again. It can disappear. Realization or sarcasm is left to interpretation. The musical score is majestic and befitting epic cinematography. The last piano notes are a termination, a screeching, piercing end to a chapter not quite finished.

Expectation. Judgment. Desire. Depth. Paraphrasing, “What you see is not all you think there is.” Don’t “take a look” at my eyes if you will not see my soul in all its parts. Don’t take too long. Don’t let the opportunity pass. Please don’t prove me right, be wrong. Don’t glance and miss the whole of me. This ballad-like, sorrowful, and hopeful piece encapsulates conflicted emotions, feelings of vulnerability, inner struggle and insecurity, and apparent temporary details. Don’t focus on a point but look at the whole picture—a tender yet strong appeal to see beyond and not simply look at the surface. Still waters run deep, and empty barrels make the most noise. But do they? See for yourself. Don’t be late and don’t be right. The musical accompaniment sweeps broadly, just as furtive glances would, and does so gently. Perfect harmony.

Cosmic Crisis sets watersheds to rights with this EP, combining tremendous vocal personality, and a deceivingly demure yet powerful voice, with a musical score navigating just as convincingly the mercurial extremes of the human condition. What started with the debut EP “Human Waves” three years ago has taken on further heights and depths, illuminating a path of unrepentant and brazen expression that is resolute and purposeful: getting in touch with reality and all that makes us human, good and bad, no holds barred. Federica, Stefano, and I will chat soon about “Out of Reality,” you will find out if my interpretation is off the mark and what is next for Cosmic Crisis: ideas, plans, and opportunities to see them live. In the meantime, find them on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube, and show them some love. Happy Friday!