Project Attic, Before Hot Turns to Unbearable

Our residence was built in 1951, so it’s been around for 72 years. It’s not modern, but it’s not entirely ancient either – it’s aged. As with any aged dwelling, it necessitates delicate attention and care. Throughout the years, we’ve taken measures to repair, enhance, paint, reduce, expand, and revamp it. However, one area that has been consistently overlooked is the attic. Initially, we used it as storage for seldom-used items, clothing boxes for bridging seasons, keepsakes from over the years, and eventually, anything that didn’t quite fit in the house.

So, I’ve been thinking about tackling the mess in my attic. I want to go through all the boxes up there and combine the ones that aren’t full to create more space. I’ve been putting it off for ages, but I want to get it done this month before it turns into a boiling-hot danger zone (and before there may not be time to do so at all, ever). It differs from the attic type that can be turned into a cozy reading nook, a home office, a craft room, or even a mini gym. One cannot stand upright in it (less than 4 feet at its peak), and it has no windows (though plenty of vents let in natural light). Cleaning out the attic is a daunting task, but it’s also necessary to declutter and organize.

I’m finally excited to take on this project! I’ve set some realistic goals, which I can achieve if I take things one step at a time. It’s essential to ensure I take breaks and stay hydrated, especially during this time of year. This project is an excellent opportunity to clear my head and eliminate any old ideas or thoughts holding me back, sorting through everything and deciding what to keep, donate, or throw away. I am not one to be sidetracked by sentimental items and going down memory lane – yet I am keenly aware of the meaning they may hold or deserve in our current lives – it will take a few thoughtful moments.

Perhaps this project has become increasingly more important this month because of the awareness of my physical limitations, which are bound to make things more complicated as time passes. I cannot help but smile when I see myself akin to an attic-attacking version of Rosie the Riveter with an “I can do it!” inspirational push, or kick in the rear, to get it done. It will not be simply a sorting challenge, but one that will test my intense dislike for any icky insects that make the dark and still attic their home – I will not identify or enumerate them. As a side note, we had another sudden death in the crawl space under the house (yes, we still need to fix the hole underneath the foundation wall they crawl through). It happened while I was in the initial stages of healing from broken fingers and cracked ribs – but I removed the raccoon in a timely fashion, though not without shuddering at every step of the process.

I want to share this current project with you – from start to finish – over the next few weeks. “Why?” you may ask. I thought you might be interested since we all have that one neglected space in our homes that could use some TLC, whether it’s an attic, garage, closet, or corner (or your vehicle, too!). And now may be the perfect time to tackle that overlooked mess wherever you are! I always feel great satisfaction and relief when I complete these kinds of tasks. We can all benefit from different perspectives, new ideas, creative ways, and such projects’ freedom. Please give your own “corner” a go!