July: Updates, Changes, Supermoon, and Unusual Stories Ahead

Here is a quick update and summary of changes taking place this July. Aside from weathering extreme temperatures in this part of the world, celebrating Independence Day, adjusting to ongoing life realities, and a long overdue change in priorities and focus, I have devoted the necessary time to this blog over the past two weeks. The blog has been put through a series of technical updates and adjustments that were made necessary due to ongoing safety concerns and a choice for a new format (though only a little will change visually, most of it already has in terms of streamlining and minor changes in wording). New and energizing things are in the works. I won’t jinx it, so no further information at this time – be patient.

I have temporarily closed all comments as reading through so many of them mainly focused on hate speech and rudeness has become very time-consuming and, quite frankly, disheartening. I enjoy constructive criticism, new perspectives, and respectful discourse. I will, however, never enable or promote any hatred, negativity, or speech intended to harm myself, guest authors, readers, or anyone else. Other platforms are available to those who want to express themselves in such a manner. The commenting option is on temporary hiatus and may be reopened in time. In the meantime, feel free to use the contact form to share your thoughts.

This month is the beginning of a new path for me (as I wrote as part of my birthday reflections – a moment that coincided with the serious intention to prioritize my well-being over any social interaction which may undermine positivity and confidence). Enough is going on anywhere, everywhere, for everyone. We could all benefit from some much-needed space to find peace, tranquility and recharge our overloaded batteries. I will be sharing encouragement and supporting any effort to fuel a true sense of belonging and an unadulterated wish to find balance within and without oneself. That was a load of words – yet all significant and sincere.

Change of subject! I would be remiss in not mentioning that people worldwide turned their eyes to the sky for the first supermoon and full moon of the year on July 3: the Full Buck Moon, as it is called based on the name given to it by Native Americans (celebrating young male deer sprouting new antlers this time of the year). The July Full Moon takes on different names across the globe—the Chinese call it the Hungry Ghost Moon. Celtic tradition calls it the Moon of Claiming, Wiccans call it the Mead Moon, the Cherokee people call it the Ripe Corn Moon, and the Southern Hemisphere calls it Wolf Moon, Old Moon, or Ice Moon. The photos are of July 2 and July 3. I took advantage of a narrow window of opportunity under a mostly cloudy sky both times to shoot those photos.

In the following months, I will share the stories of two unique crochet blankets (made following one pattern) that have traveled thousands of miles in different directions and keep eliciting oohs and aahs to this day. I will also write about the astonishing feat of one very determined woman to make her dreams come true through hard work and the success she enjoys today (to be published sometime in October). I will reconnect with some of the musicians you have come to love and follow.  I wish you a peaceful, joyful, restful, and inspiring weekend. Be cool. And stay safe!