Reflecting on Two Years of Blogging: a Thankful Perspective

Two weeks ago, the blog’s second anniversary came and went quietly, though the emotions were many – and I was at a loss for words. No, that is not exactly it. I had plenty going through my mind, yet I could not verbalize it and chose not to. When this adventure started in March of 2022, I was at a place where anything was possible or impossible in equal measure. The juxtaposition became evident in the two years of blogging: through the ebb and flow of random musings, positively and negatively charged experiences, moments of sheer joy, and downright anguish. In essence, life.

I did not set out to hide any of it; why should I? Life does not stop for anyone, and the ever-growing collection of everyday moments is not meant to be shelved in the name of indolence or, if you prefer, apathy. I still firmly believe in sharing and learning about/through/from one another, offering diverse perspectives, and broadening the horizon of thought processes and knowledge. Often, it is understood that we, as human beings, should limit the sharing of our experiences, especially when they rattle the cages of societal constructs and threaten to break comfortable molds or, defy convention or challenge the status quo – whichever terms you prefer for the same thing.

The year between the first and now second anniversary has been a hectic rollercoaster of ups and downs, smiles and tears, moments of outright happiness and great fun versus grief, disbelief, and sadness. On a personal level, anything from meaningful wins to piercing losses, from physical and mental health recoveries to the unexpected passing of my father late last year, leaving us orphaned. From incredible friendships to the abrupt dissolutions of the same and vice versa. From amazing concerts and meaningful get-togethers to enjoying nature’s shows throughout the seasons. Many things I had intended to do, create, and write about did not materialize for all sorts of reasons, some more serious and frustrating than others, though some were as senseless as they were sensible choices.

Throughout the previous twelve months, anything that could happen did happen, and anything that should not have happened did happen. The impossible became possible, and the possible became impossible — just as it had been at the beginning of this blogging adventure. It was a largely solitary year — more by choice than by chance. It was a voluntary retreat to focus on healing and mending, requiring time, direction, and commitment; rarely were all three accounted for simultaneously. Yet the retreat brought more clarity and a more vital purpose.

This philosophical, existential, and factual angle aside, I continued blogging whenever I felt that doing so would present an opportunity to serve as a shareable and relatable container, akin to a “bento box” to accompany the reader for a fraction of the day, providing a brief break in the day, having a snack, to read something out of the ordinary or amusing or thought-provoking. A bento box to find every so often in one’s reach, without expectation other than an unanticipated (and hopefully) pleasant surprise.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement in whatever form you have shown. I am grateful for all you have shared with me via the blog and social media throughout this last year. Entering the third year is a journey all on its own, promising to be filled with exciting opportunities waiting to be taken. How does that quote go? “If you want to enjoy the rainbow, be prepared to endure the storm.” Following that thought, find a comfortable and quiet place to shelter in, without expectation other than a momentary, transient distraction — a toast to serendipitous connection.

One thought on “Reflecting on Two Years of Blogging: a Thankful Perspective

  1. Wishing you an easier ride in the roller coaster of life and thank you for the “bento box” always so very welcome 🙏

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