Pride, Gratitude, Beamish Reverie, and More Things

The month of June could not have started but with a flurry of activity that Murphy’s Law curtailed in its first days – and I certainly hope that things will be trouble-free from here on out. First, “Be Yourself” is always my appeal to all – especially to my community this Pride Month. Yet, it includes all beings on earth, from every walk of life, any origin, any gender, any color, and any belief. Secondly, I would like to thank you, readers, for exceeding all expectations. This blog engaged an impressive number of visitors worldwide in a few months (at the time of writing, half a million). I am genuinely stunned and grateful and feel overwhelmed by your interest, love, and continued support. I shall continue to earnestly and diligently provide exciting, fun, and thought-provoking content.


Brace yourselves! Many new things will be added in the upcoming months. Some were already in the works, and some will come to life due to your requests, emails, and comments over the last few months. I am delighted that many voices will join this ever-growing choir of connections. You can look forward to more guest authors and new interviews (seriously lighthearted or lightheartedly serious) in all fields: music, writing, photography, crochet, and random yet worthy thoughts. 

While the blog was offline, many technical adjustments and improvements were made that were required and unavoidable, though set on defying Murphy’s Law. There will be other minor backend issues that will be resolved in the coming weeks, but none that should result in the blog being unavailable (keep your fingers crossed that I do not run out of coffee, patience, or both – I am smiling, though tired).


If you have followed me this far, you know that this blogging adventure aims to connect people through music, writing, photography, crafts, or thoughts. Many connections are being forged daily, unexpectedly, and spontaneously. So, contribute. Whatever you feel like sharing, send it along. Perhaps you need a platform you feel comfortable using, or you are hesitant but are itching to put pen to paper. Poems? Short stories? Musical compositions? Riffs? Photos? Ideas? Reviews? Random thoughts? Happy memories? Acts of kindness? Grievances? The possibilities are endless! You can pick a pseudonym or nom de plume if you wish to maintain anonymity (your true identity will be safeguarded but necessary for communication with me). Would you be ready to give it a go? Please use the contact form under the Information tab – I look forward to hearing from you!


This segment is being kept under wraps for the time being, but it promises to be amusing and is reminiscent of what parents, teachers, and even friends may have told us – and tell us – during our lifetime. Sometimes sharing life lessons, anecdotes, perspectives, and points of view may have unintended – and amusing – consequences. Fingers crossed, it happens in Fall/Winter, sipping a hot beverage and enjoying a hygge environment. Stay tuned.


I have received many requests and encouragement to add a podcast to this blog. Amusingly, some think my voice is pleasant enough to keep them awake and attentive or soothing enough to be relaxing and meditative. I am still smiling and entertained by both reactions. I am giving it due consideration and thinking about how to provide the best yet most natural and realistic experience. From post-production (i.e., pre-recorded) to live broadcast, all options are open, and, as usual, they are being carefully evaluated. It is safe to say that it will happen – simply not sure of the timeframe (it may not come to life until later this year or early next).