28 to 58 – Month-long Journey to a Modernistic Age

May starts with Global Love Day! (Among other recurrences worldwide.) Love is the universal force that connects us all. Love is a compelling force that inspires the spirit of healing and transformation. Global Love Day reminds us that anything can be done when we universally tune our minds and hearts to the frequency of unconditional love. This type of love embraces forgiveness and understanding others and oneself equally. Far too often, we hole up and neglect to love ourselves because of past trauma, discomfort, and anguish. So, what better day than May 1 to start with candid self-reflection, acknowledging our imperfections, and transforming our thinking – taking charge of our power?

I invite you to do something different today. Call up and catch up with a friend, go for a coffee or a walk, do something you enjoy and have not done for a while, and put that extra pep in your step. Be kind to a stranger, paint, craft, learn or play an instrument, sing – even offkey – and dance for no reason. Dust off that crochet or knit work in progress. Read the last chapter of that book you started last year. Share the lightheartedness with family and friends, smile, laugh to tears, hug, and tell someone you love them just because it is true. Spend time outdoors, rain or shine, take a deep breath, and enjoy nature. You get the idea! Forget the world, the menial everyday humdrum. Please do it. Worth it.

I will try and post something new every other day for almost all of May (leading to my birthday). Stories, thoughts, music,  photography, etc. – you name it, it will be here and, as usual, unapologetically authentic. I cannot promise that everything will happen without a hitch, but I certainly can promise you that I will do what it takes to make this month very busy.

Among many others, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Better Hearing and Speech Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Jewish American Heritage Month. From World Laughter Day to Star Wars Day to Cinco de Mayo and the Flower Moon, from Press Freedom Day to World Athletics Day, all in the first week of May, there is plenty to write about, explore, learn, and share. Have a good evening. See you soon!